As Saskatchewan's Premier Indigenous
Petroleum Wholesale Marketer
We, at Polar Oils, are an independent petroleum marketer and wholesaler providing fuel products to Saskatchewan and its environs. We specialize in supplying the highest quality fuels and lubricants that are inclusive of gasoline, diesel and heating oil to residential, retail, and commercial channels. Founded in 1982, we possess nearly 40 years of experience providing undisrupted service to the most remote regions of Saskatchewan.
Most of our local customers are our neighbors and their families deserve the best. Polar Oil is a home heating expert. No matter how harsh the weather is outside, your home will always be warm and cozy.
For entrepreneurs providing fuel services in their stations, Polar Oils has your back. With our steady supply, your business will always be up and running. Our cardlock networks are open 24/7 for the efficient management of your business.
Regardless of the industry, you specialize in; whether agriculture, forestry, mining, fishing, construction or transport, we will find you and personally avail our services to you. We are dedicated to business excellence and no one can outmatch our services.
Being one of the oldest petroleum marketers in Saskatchewan, we at Polar Oils pride ourselves with our wide range of customer-oriented services such as:
Fuel Service
Retail Opportunities
Bur or Rent Fuel Storage
At Polar Oils, we understand our customers' requirements and work according to that. With our consistent efforts to meet our petroleum products' supply and demand balance, our trained team efficiently works towards delivering on time to Northern Saskatchewan and its neighborhood areas.

As an independent wholesale fuel supply company in Saskatchewan, we offer top-notch fuel quality and a vast range of fuels suitable for retail, residential, and commercial aspects. Having a rich experience of over 39+ years in fuel supply, our team efficiently adheres to all the safety regulations and works together to ensure fast and prompt delivery of fuel. We also prioritize customer-service above all other parameters working diligently towards providing the best for all our valuable clients.
Reliable & Community Trusted Fuel Supply
Company in Saskatchewan
Polar Oils is a community-driven enterprise, and we strongly believe in giving back as much as we can to our extended community members. Our various initiatives of investments and partnerships with our community allow us to create a positive and everlasting impact on people.

With our wide-scale operations throughout Northern Saskatchewan, we have supported the growth of native communities. Our vast supply network with high-end solutions for fuel supply supports and involves our community in achieving our unified goal.
In need of fuel?
Our online requisition system makes ordering fuel and lubricants simple, quick, and efficient so you can focus on running your operation! Purchasing top-rated fuel has never been easier.
our community
Originating from our humble roots of servicing remote-northern-Saskatchewan, Polar Oils is committed to giving back and empowering our local communities through supporting activities and initiatives.
Efficient & Prompt Fuel Supply in Saskatchewan
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