The sunsets over our Meadow Lake cardlock last week. This site is located at the entrance of the Norsask Forest Products Mill; open to both forestry transport operations as-well as public use, the cardlock supplies both regular unleaded and diesel fuel.

Check out our super-B style Columbia Remtec Manufactured petroleum trailers, sporting Polar Oils new look and logo! The aluminum tank and trailer are designed to endure the most severe and remote Canadian roads in all seasons. The trailer system is also equipped with a liquid controls metering system which allows the driver to deliver variable […]

Our in-house mechanics completing the installation of the dispensing system of our new Columbia super-B style trailer. The trailer has a storage capacity of ~60,000L and is now equipped with volumetric measuring equipment to provide desired fuel quantity, even under variable operating conditions (changes in temperature, pressure and viscosity).

Our new website is live!