Polar Oils will continue to thrive in providing quality services and ensuring proper measures are put in place for a better and safer environment. We call upon all those who are interested to work with us for an opportunity to grow bigger and become better. All are welcome.
Services we offer
Fuel Service
Our fuel services entail bulk delivery of Petroleum to locations across Northern Saskatchewan and its environs. We also provide on-site refuelling of essential equipment whenever you need it. Finally, we avail residential heating oil to our customers. Our professional personnel perform all these activities within the shortest time frame. We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting.
Conform to highest Safety precautions
Safety is a top priority in our everyday’s operation. Some measures have been put in place to ensure this is the case. First, we strictly adhere to automatic tank gauging and strick fuel delivering procedures. These go a long way in preventing spills and overfill. Secondly, we regularly carry out strict potential leak investigation procedures. These are routine review and inventory level checks that ensure everything is in order. Lastly, we have ongoing certified maintenance which includes tank inspections, meter calibrations, and line testing. All these are an indication of how dedicated we are to ensuring your safety is maintained.
Retail Opportunities
We are a business dedicated to growth and development. To support this, we have partnering opportunities to use the Polar Oils brand on service stations in order to show commitment to quality and our values. That’s not all; we offer opportunities for interested individuals to work with us. If you own and operate a service station or are interested in becoming a retailer and dealer we want to build a relationship and work with you. Become an entrepreneur and grow your business.
Buy or Rent Fuel Storage
As much as transporting fuel to the respective locations on time is substantial, ensuring the fuel is properly stored is even more important. Polar Oil has put in place enough measures and employed expertise to ensure this is conformed to. How? First, our tanks are equipped with Satellite Monitoring to easily track fuel use and schedule fuel deliveries. All of our storage tanks are horizontal TC approved double-walled to meet the highest regard for environmental safety. Also, we have on site fuel trucks to control when and how you fuel up. Finally, our cardlocks systems are available and operate 24/7 for efficient management of your business.