We are good stewards of the land and this is showcased by our use of resources responsibly and commitment to environmental safety.
Community Empowerment
Through investing in our community we drive and create space, entrepreneurship, partnerships and mentorships. Thousands of lives have been impacted through our operations.
Economic Development
We believe strong and responsible development contributes to overall reconciliation and self-determination. This is backed up by supporting the growth of sustainable indigenous communities.
The story of Polar Oil is that of a company that started from scratch slowly growing in structure and market. We began as one of MLTCII (Meadow Lake Tribal Council: Industrial Investments) first business investment and slowly grew to what we are today.
We are located on Flying Dust First Nation, Meadow Lake Saskatchewan where we provide our professional and unique services. Specializing in supplying top tier fuels that are inclusive of gasoline, diesel, and heating oil to residential, retail, and commercial consumers.Founded in 1982, we possess 35+ years of experience in the Petroleum field and can proudly boast of our prowess in the industry.
Our shared ownership includes
Our Missions and Vision
Our mission is to provide fuel to the most remote rural customers and communities all year-round. We believe everyone is entitled to fast and quality services regardless of where they come from. Through-out all the years, we have stayed true to our cause and our services are a proof of this.
With our modern fleet of fuel trucks and top-quality maintained equipment, we provide fast and efficient services by coordinating loads to an area on needs basis. We acknowledge that time is precious and with this, we provide our services at the shortest time possible.
Why Choose Us?
We stand out from our competitors in a number of ways. Backed by our long history of industry experience in operations, management, finance, and marketing we are dedicated to solving your fuel needs. Our consistent and reliable services mean that you can focus your efforts on running your operations and leave the rest to us.
We adhere to the Highest Standards of Business. This does not only enable economic competitiveness but also ensures a safe, environmental and socially responsible performance. As one of Canada’s few First Nation’s downstream wholesale distributor of petroleum products, this is responsibility bestowed upon us. Our products are the best in the market.
Join us Today
Don’t be left behind. Register with us and join thousands in enjoying the full benefits accrued by the Polar Oils Company. For new customers, all that is required of you is to download, fill and send us our credit application form to get started. We will get back to you ASAP!
our community
Originating from our humble roots of servicing remote-northern-Saskatchewan, Polar Oils is committed to giving back and empowering our local communities through supporting activities and initiatives.