With the wind factored in, it feels like -35°C to -50°C throughout Saskatchewan this week! We are working hard to ensure our residential and commercial consumers are fueled and staying warm. We supply fuel to northern residential homes, retail service stations and commercial consumers. #heatingoil #canadianenergy #indigenousbusiness #northernbusiness

We are proud to be the featured portfolio business of this years’ MLTCII’s Annual Report. Our featured section underscores our history and recent accomplishments as well staff highlights. “As a locally-owned independent, Polar Oils is proud to maintain its autonomy as supplier and brand at the directive of its Indigenous shareholders.” #indigenousbusiness #locallyownedandoperated#independent

September 30th, 2021 is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Observe this day and take time to honour survivors, learn from indigenous educators and remember those children who never came back home. Supplying Fuels, Servicing indigenous communities and supporting of First Nation Shareholders. Polar Oils, the first to fuel the north. #everychildmatters #OrangeShirtDay […]

75,000 Liter enviro tank pictured in front of the soon to be complete MLTC Bioenergy Centre – a 6.6MW power generation system that is fueled primarily by biomass sawmill residuals. Polar Oils is proud to be supporting this MLTC project through our supply of fuel, lubricants and storage equipment. Our storage tank is currently storing […]

We are proud to have sponsored Rocky this past weekend at North American Chuckwagon Championship. Rocky is a member of the Waterhen Lake First Nation, one of the 10 Polar Oils FN Shareholders. Below are pictures of the racing heat this past weekend in Lloydminster.